...Secures sponsorship and special appearances

Dan Marino & Ben Witter

...Mobilizes corporate partnerships

...Drives charitable giving

...Provides event management and production services


We have industry insight, resourcefulness and relationships to work at the highest level with corporate sponsorship/sport management projects. We also are humble enough to realize that these same skills fare well with small, grass-roots projects too! Whether you are a young golfer with a dream; a community organization raising dollars for the local youth sports team; or a prominent athlete, charity or sports property, I look forward to working with you!

Mark McElrath

Fee Structure
For sponsorship related activity, McElrath Sport Management Group earns a mutually agreeable commission based on services successfully delivered.
Athlete sponsorship representation:
McElrath Sport Management Group represents athletes with sponsorship and appearance opportunities.
Charity sponsorship development:
McElrath Sport Management Group consults with charities and groups that are seeking charitable support through events or philanthropic giving. McElrath provides a comprehensive, personalized, ready to implement plan and is also available to directly raise money and/or assist with project development on behalf of the charity.
Sports property sponsorship development:
McElrath Sport Management Group aids sports properties seeking sponsorship support for their facilities, events or various sport marketing related inventory.
Event management services:
    McElrath provides first class, professional service for video and website production at very competitive, even modest, price points.
  1. 1. Video production
  2. 2. Website production
  3. 3. Golf tournament tee
         signage production
    Coroplast Tee Signs:
        11" x 17": $15.00
        16' x 24": $19.00 - Most Popular Size
        *Add $2.50 per sign for
        double-side printing

    • • Customer pays shipping
    • • McElrath handles all artwork, prep and printing
    • • Signs delivered to your door
    • 4. Gifts and awards
      McElrath pricing is 25% off listed retail pricing. View inventory »